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Monday, April 13, 2009

Barbie Toilet?

Another day I was with my husband at a toy store and he got kind a embarrassing when he saw in one of the Barbie sets, specifically in the bathroom one, a toilet, surprising questioning turned to me and said: "A Barbie toilet"? and I said:"Yes!Actually that's not the first one!" . I said that because in the early 90's was released back in my country a Barbie bathroom set just like the one from the Sweet Roses line, so almost 20 years ago!
I don't know how many different Barbie toilets was released, but I also found one brought by Mattel in 1996, in 00's... So if someone know about anymore Barbie toilets...

I don't have the toilet from the 90's, so I had to search for a picture, and I only found a tiny one, interesting than even in the flayer than used to come with the dolls from that time period, the toilet is not in there !!

This was the 2009 release:

The 1996 Release:

How about this one?

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