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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Barbie First Profession

Do you know Barbie first Profession? We all talk about the first doll, when she was made, her first appearance, how she was this and that...but do you realize than the very first doll already had a profession? Looks like Barbie doll was really made to change the toy's world, she really came to change the girl's world, with more than 80 careers, from a rock star to a presidential candidate, she always had a "theme" behind her. So, the very first one had a profession as a Teenage Fashion Model.

Later on, she had been made again as a fashion model. She had appear in a remake of the very first one and, as her 50Th Anniversary celebration, in 2009, she comes back one more time in the "same" outfit.
Unrealistic speaking, "from astronaut to Olympic athlete, pilot to presidential candidate, Barbie doll has been at the forefront of the workforce since her creation in 1959", more than 80 different careers in 50 years. Mattel brings a new line called Barbie doll " I Can Be", where she would have a profession each year, giving a chance to parents and kids discuss about the "endless professional opportunities that are possible in their future"(Anne Parducci).

The "I Can Be" Careers Series is designed to show Young girls careers in various fields, many of them are not traditionally pursued by a woman. The Barbie doll brings the appropriate accessories to the Carree, an informational booklet about the profession and will be supported on, where moms will be able to sit down with theirs daughters and talk about about that specifically careers.

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