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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cheerleaders Barbie Dolls

We can love Barbie, but we should never forget than whatever label, special edition, platinum or not for a kid she'll be simply a doll, which can be played with. And, because of that also, we(adults) should remember than Barbie is a doll than the girls want to be like it! That's why she , of course, as a toy, won't be out of reviews...

On her 50Th Anniversary year Barbie, and looking fabulous, did got more that 6,000 votes, but wasn't as a beauty queen, but one of the "worst toys of the year"!

“The toys we give children reflect our values,” said CCFC’s Director Dr. Susan
Linn, author of The Case for Make Believe. “And no one who cares about
children’s wellbeing
could produce a toy like the Barbie Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader doll. It embodies
a host of harmful expectations about what girls are supposed to be
Rated by Mattel as appropriate for children age six and up, the Dallas
Cowboy Cheerleader Doll comes with the shortest of short shorts, stiletto boots,
and a revealing halter top. The preposterously skimpy outfit allows
children to get a better view of Barbie’s impossibly long legs and dangerously
thin body.
“When you combine two classic symbols of gendered
stereotypes – the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and Barbie – you get one terrible
toy,” said CCFC
Steering Committee member Joe Kelly, of “Do
we really want to teach our young daughters that they belong on the sidelines,
not in the game, and the way to get noticed is show a lot of skin?”(

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