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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Bride Barbie Doll

Designer Bride showcased at Toy Fair 2007. Gold Label Doll.Reem Acra Designer Bride Barbie Doll, Close Up by Denise Van Patten

The dream of (almost) every girl is to get married in the church with a beautiful, unique and special wedding dress... me, a kid, I never really thought about it, the only thing I knew was than there was a very glamorous bride Barbie than stayed (is) in my dreams for a long time... I remember than one of the things I did as a kid was sit with my friends and go over the different Barbies in the flyer's (Each doll would came with a different one, specially if was from a different collection or year) and every time I would look on the paper with all the other different Barbies, my eyes would stared at her for hours and hours, and I would imagine how beautiful she would be on my Barbie's house...

Well, after so many years...I still want a bride Barbie doll...I just don't know which one, there are so beautiful ones...

I do know, no matter what, I do want to get one from the 80's or 90's with that full layers of skirts and the "puff" sleeves, because now, the fashion bride world have changed and Barbie, of course, couldn't stay behind. Looks like the new dresses does not ask for that much fabric, no more layers or sleeves are required to be stunning and glamorous. Independent of that the "designers" of the brides Barbies dolls (subject for a different topic) keep impressing with rich and unique details.
1991 Dream Bride Barbie

2005 Carolina Herrera Gold Label Bride Barbie Doll

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