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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Barbie Doll National Convention

1980 Convention. NYC, NY. October 15-18 - 1980 Beauty Secrets Barbie
Mattel donated Beauty Secrets Barbie dolls wearing "21 Years of Barbie" banners to convention goers. Convention guests also received a photo pin showing the Ward's reissue Barbie doll, a pink convention book, and a miniature golden Barbie charm. Only 150 sets were made.

1982 Convention. Troy, MI. May 21-23 - 1982 Eskimo Barbie
The convention dress worn by Eskimo Barbie was by Mattel designer Carol Spencer, who personally autographed this doll's ribbon, which reads "Michigan Entertains Barbie". A convention book and pink were included. This set was limited to 250.

1983 Convention. Phoenix, AZ. May 20-22 - 1983 Fashion Jeans Barbie
The convention prairie dress worn by this Barbie was created by Mattel designer Janet Goldblatt. The doll's banner reads "Barbie's Pow Wow Phoenix, Arizona May 20-23, 1983". An Indian doll was included; she is a redressed Hispanic Barbie doll with an original Native American labeled outfit. This Indian maiden was created by Ellen Riddell in two dress styles. Sport 'N Shave Ken was dressed as an Indian chief as a table centerpiece; he is an edition of 25. A convention book and pin was included with this set, as well as each of the following convention .

1984 Convention. NYC, NY. October 11-14 - 1984 loving you Barbie
The convention doll is a Loving You Barbie doll redressed in an outfit similar to the Silver Sensation fashion. She wears banner that reads "Barbie Loves New York 1984 Convention". A miniature silver Barbie doll charm was given to attendees, and a red souvenir mug was also available. Limited to 250.

1985 Convention. Romulus, MI. July 18-20 - 1985 Japanesse Barbie
Japanese Barbie was created by Mattel designer Janet Goldblatt. The banner on this doll reads "Around the World Barbie Festival July 18-20, 1985". A second gift doll is a Takara Japanese Traditional Style Barbie from Japan wearing a "MICH Convention 1985" banner and a 1985 Barbie convention sticker on the box. Limited to 250.

1986 Convention. Phoenix, AZ. May 15-17 - 1986 Reunion Barbie
The souvenir Barbie doll is a Sun Gold Malibu Barbie doll redressed in a suit and hat over her original swimsuit. She wears a tiny pin in the shape of Arizona that reads "Barbie's Reunion Phoenix, AZ 1986" and features Barbie and Ken dolls. Mattel donated a Dream Glow Ken with a clear "Barbie's Reunion Phoenix, AZ 1986" convention sticker on his window. Limited to 275.

1987 Convention. Oklahoma, OK. June 18-20 - 1987 Astronaut Barbie
The Theme was In Oklahoma Where Every Day is Christmas. Astronaut Barbie, the souvenir doll, wears a striped nightshirt, cap, and scuffs decorated with holly and holds a heart-shaped clip bearing Mattel's "We girls can do anything, right Barbie!" slogan. The doll was presented in a red velvet bag. Mattel gave attendees a mauve-colored glass ornament with the Barbie name on one side and "1987 Collector's Convention June 18-20, 1987" on the other. Limited to 300.

1988 Convention. Seattle, WA. Sept 22-24 - 1988 Barbie Come Rain or Shine
The souvenir doll is a Barbie doll dressed as the state flower, a rhododendron. She wears a wreath of flowers on her head, a magenta lame gown with green petals at the hem, and a net overskirt. Her dress is labeled "Barbie in Seattle Rain or Shine 1988". The Mattel gift is a Barbie logo thermometer. Sun Gold Barbie dolls and Canadian Fashion Play Barbie dolls were used for the rhododendron doll. Limited to 300.

1989 Convention. Garden Grove, CA. July 19-21 - 1989 Barbie Forever Young
The souvenir doll is the Sensation Barbie doll dressed as a Mouseketeer. Mattel presented convention goers with a Passeio Viky doll from Brazil with a convention ribbon. Viky is Barbie doll's friend in Brazil. Limited to 500.

1990 Convention. Dallas, TX. July 4-7 - 1990 My First Barbie
The souvenir doll redressed as a cowgirl in a red lame top with denim skirt, heart-shaped belt buckle, and white hat. Her dress is labeled "Convention Souvenir Doll Barbie Deep in The Heart of Texas 1990". Mattel gave convention goers a Friendship Barbie doll from Germany. Limited to 500.

1991 Convention. Omaha, NE. June 6-9 - 1991 Barbie Loves Fairy TaleThe souvenir Barbie and Ken dolls are dressed in fairy tale fashions sewn by Mattel Philippines, and a special gift set box holds the pair. A special Barbie Trading Card features a photo of the two dolls. Mattel also gave convention goers a Dress Me Barbie from Europe. Limited to 500.

1992 Convention. Niagara Falls, NY. July 23-25 - 1992 Dream Bride Barbie
The souvenir doll is a redressed Dream Bridge Barbie doll wearing an original wedding gown. Mattel also gave convention goers a Benetton Shopping Barbie doll. Limited to 500.

1993 Convention. Omaha, NE. June 6-9 - 1993 You've Come a Long Way Barbie
The souvenir doll is the first original Barbie doll produced by Mattel exclusively for a collectors' convention. She has brunette hair in a ponytail, violet eyes, and wears a pink coat over a silver sheath dress; has a paper wrist tag with the statement “You’ve Come A Long Way Barbie,” a Certificate of Authenticity, and a matching Barbie charm. Limited to 650.

1994 Convention. Birmingham, AL. July 20-23 - 1994 Magic of Barbie in Birmingham
The souvenir doll produced by Mattel is dressed in a magician's outfit with a top hat containing a rabbit. The doll uses the Mackie head mold. An extra boxed Magic City Fashion is included. The doll comes with the official Certificate of Authenticity inside the box which states: "Your Magic City Barbie Doll is the second in the Convention Edition produced by Mattel, especially for the 'Magic of Barbie in Birmingham' the 1994 National Barbie Doll Collector's Convention. Limited to 650.

1995 Convention. Albuquerque, NM. July 6-8 - 1995 Barbie Ole
The souvenir doll produced by Mattel has the nostalgic head mold with ebony black hair, curly bangs, ruby red lips, and silver hoop earrings. She wears a silver lame dress with blue boots. Limited to 650.

1996 Convention. Philadelphia, PA. May 29 - June 1 - 1996 Barbie and Bandstand

The souvenir doll produced by Mattel uses the Mackie head with side-glance eyes and a beehive hairdo. She wears a special outfit for her singing debut and comes with a microphone and a special souvenir magazine. Limited to 800.

1997 Convention. San Diego, CA. August 20-23 - 1997 Beach Blanket BarbieThe souvenir doll produced by Mattel wears an outfit designed by Marilyn Miller who designed white dresses for half of the conventioneers and black dresses for the other half. She has short length blonde hair with the nostalgic face. She wears a bracelet and open-toe shoes and also comes with a purse, one white pair of sunglasses, one black pair of sunglasses, pumps and a labeled doll stand. She has comes with the paper wrist tag that says "Beach Blanket Barbie". Limited to 950.

1998 Convention. Atlanta, GA. August 4-7 - 1998 A Date with Barbie in Atlanta
The souvenir doll produced by Mattel has uses the Mackie face with ROOTED eyelashes and RED hair, green eyes and dark red lips and a beauty mark. She wears a shimmery long black dress with a maroon stole. Convention did not receive the necklace in time to put on the doll before the convention so they gave as an extra gift so you have to put the necklace on. The necklace is in a small baggie in with the doll. 1,000 dolls were produced. 25 dolls in white outfits were created for club members and sponsors.

1999 Convention. Pittsburgh, PA. August 4-7 - 1999 We Can do Anything, Right Barbie
The souvenir doll is modeled after Nellie Bly who was a Pittsburgh native and Journalist from the 1800s and includes a bicycle and monkey. She is carrying a Black Umbrella and dons a Felt Hat and Cameo at the Neck. The Whole story of Nellie Bly can be found on back of the box....which is made to look like a Leather Suitcase...complete with Handle. Mattel also gave conventioneers a special brunette version 40th Anniversary Barbie in a new box that pictures the brunette on the box back. Limited to 1,000.

2000 Convention. Tulsa, OK. August 4-7 - 2000 Barbie in the Old West
This is the official doll from the Tulsa National Convention. This brunette Barbie is simply stunning in the sequin saloon ensemble including fish net stockings.

2001 Convention. Dearborn, MI. July 24-28 - 2001 Queen of the Prom Barbie
Celebrates the nostalgic essence of high school prom, while commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Queen of the Prom board game. This is a gorgeous doll, using the 1959 Barbie head mold with the coveted side-part American Girl hairstyle! She wears a lovely white prom dress with pink satin accents and a matching lined wrap.

2002 Convention. Denver, CO. June 5-8 - 2002 Rocky Mountain Mod Barbie
Go back to the groove-a-delic 1960s! The actual convention doll was a black & white color scheme. There was another EXTREMELY EXCLUSIVE "Pink" Edition of the 2002 Denver Rocky Mountain Mod Convention doll! There were only 20 of these dolls made! "Pink" was given exclusively to the convention chair people as a special "thank you".

2003 Convention. Orlando, FL. July 24-28 - 2003 Barbie Around the World
Rare and very special MODERN CIRCLE Barbie--Mattel manufactured only about 1,000 of these dolls for convention goers. Made with an unique golden blonde hair color (instead of red) and in a black pantsuit (instead of green). Her computer even says National Convention.

2004 Convention. Chicago, IL, August 4-7 - 2004 We are Family Barbie
Beautiful giftset was given to convention goers - Silver Ribbon around the two boxes, one box has the doll in it and the other one contains the giftset. Blonde and redhead versions were made. Special boxed mini "HON" die-cast office chair with black frame, red cushions with black polka-dots were also given.

2005 Convention. Boston, MA. July 13-16 - 2005 Midnight Masquerade Barbie

This Barbie doll uses the 1959 nostalgic head mold with an elaborete hairtyle, she weras pearl drop earrings, long white gloves, a velvet black gown with santiny gray panels, a black choker with pearls and shoes, also she carries a cluch purse and comes with a plastic mask.

2006 Convention. Los Angeles, CA. July 26-29 - 2006 Hooray for Hollywood Barbie

The 2006 National Convetion brings a doll designed by Magia 2000 and was avaliable caucasian brunnete (750 doll produced) and African America( limited to 500 dolls).Sehe wears a black and pink strapless evening gown with lace, including as acessories a long white gloves, blackfishnet hose, a bracelet, earrings and a necklace.Only one convetioner per table could won the right to buy the blonde version one, cwich had the same gown as the brunnet and AA.

2007 Convention. Grapevine, TX. June 27-30 - 2007 Denim to Diamonds Barbie doll>

This Platinum Barbie doll was produced by Mattel and designed by Bill Greening, she was the first Barbie doll convention to use the 1967 Twist and turn Barbie head mold. She wears a brilliant red chameuse gown with silvery embleshments, a red hat, earrings, fringed wrist bands and red shoes.
Caucasian Brunnet: 850 #L8812
African america: 200 #L8813
Blonde: 225 (She was created exclusively for the convention chairperson and helpers) #L8811

2008 Convention. Kansas city, Missouri. June 18-21

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