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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hallmark Barbie Christmas Ornaments - 2011

Campus Hero Ken Barbie Ornament - By Anita Marra Rogers 

Rockin' Barbie Ornament 

Barbie as Blair in Barbie Princess Charm School Ornament - By Patricia Andrews

Celebration Barbie Ornament - By Patricia Andrews 

Celebration Barbie Ornament - 12th in the series - By Patricia Andrews 

Tribute Barbie Doll Barbie Ornament - By Katrina Bricker

Prima BallerinaBarbie - By Julie Forsyth

Campus Sweetheart Barbie - 18th in the Barbie Ornament series  - By Patricia Andrews

Peaches n' Cream Barbie

Lady of the Manor Barbie

Ravishing in Rouge Barbie - By Patricia Andrews 

Brunette Bubble Cut Barbie

Happy Birthday Ken - By Patricia Andrews 

2011 Spotlight on Shoes - By Debra Murray

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