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Friday, November 4, 2011

Girl talk day: nails with Barbie

I get my own nails done and when i have a little bit of time I try to do something different, so I'm always looking for "new" thinks that i can do. So, browsing online i found some ideas...

Just use pink:

you can drawn in it:

you can use stickers: i couldn't believe this one, i found a auction on eBay...

i really liked this one, i thought, oh! i guess i can do this one...i have a konad zebra plate, so, but i guess was not that easy...

since I'm not a nail artistry...that's what i got, i didn't really liked mine, maybe was the color i used...


  1. Hola desde España: menudo pintauñas tan chic y el anillo del corazón es de lo más bonito. Los quiero ya en España. Por aquí no llega nada de esas cositas tan interesantes. Con refrencia a tu anterior entrada, la Barbie diamante es preciosa. Trae un vestido ideal. Seguro que es de las colecciones más caras... una ruína. Lo apunto en mi lista de futuras compras. Saludos y seguimos en contacto

  2. Hola Marta :-)
    I speak Portuguese and can understand(read) Spanish, but can't speak it :-(
    Good to see you around :-)
    Keep in touch!