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Monday, November 7, 2011

Celebrity Monday - Grace Kelly

Grace Patricia Kelly(1929 -1982) was a American, from Philadelphia, actress who married Prince of Monaco, Rainier III in April of 1956 - So, she became a princess...and they lived happy ever after(after she retired from acting at age 26). Well, as far we know, the outside world, they were happy and  they had three kids.

2011Grace Kelly the Bride doll

Take home this lovely Barbie Gold Label Silkstone Bride Grace Kelly Doll! Grace Patricia Kelly was Hollywood royalty. The beautiful film star met her own dashing Prince Rainier III of Monaco, who swept her off her feet, into a fairytale romance and marriage. Their civil ceremony took place on April 18, 1956, and the next day, an enchanting, regal wedding occurred before more than 500 guests. This extraordinary portrait doll captures Princess Grace’s style and elegance; she wears a lavish wedding gown, inspired by the breathtaking original. This is a Gold Label limited edition of 13,100 pieces.

2011 To catch a thief Grace Kelly Doll

Grace Kelly is a global icon, a famous princess, and an Academy Award-winning actress who starred in the 1955 romantic thriller To Catch a Thief. Grace Kelly looks stunning in her blue gown inspired by the opening scene of To Catch a Thief, set in the French Riveria. This dress truly captures Grace's elegant style.

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2011 Barbie Grace Kelly Trousseau Doll

"When American actress Grace Kelly arrived in Monaco to marry her prince, she was the embodiment of 50s elegance and class. This exquisite Grace Kelly The Romance Doll, the first new character in Silkstone since 2010's Mad Men series, recreates her exact outfit in amazing detail. Ms. Kelly wears the fabulous floral-print dress she wore when she first met her future husband at the 1955 Cannes Film Festival. From an "easy to sew" pattern the actress modeled for McCall's magazine, the dress features long sleeves and a tight bodice that flares out into a full skirt, and is styled with a coordinating headpiece and navy pumps. She also comes with a deep navy-blue coat and matching dress. Her golden blonde hair is pulled back and can be neatly tucked under a white wide-brimmed hat and matching scarf, while sunglasses shade her lovely blue eyes. A simple strand of pearls encircles her glove-covered wrist, and she has a delicate bouquet of white violets. No more than 4,300 pieces made worldwide, and comes with its very own Certificate of Authenticity." (Barbie
The first new Barbie character in Silkstone since 2010

Barbie Grace Kelly Rear Window Doll

The sophisticated beauty of Grace Kelly is captured in this exquisite Barbie Doll inspired by her character in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window. The elegant chiffon dress is a simple style with a v-neck bodice and full calf-length skirt in classic black and white. The top of the skirt features a branch pattern that extends ethereally from the belted waist. Classic pearls accessorize at the neck and wrist, while a white chiffon shawl, white "satin" gloves, and black heels complete one of Grace Kelly's most iconic looks.


  1. Hello from Spain: the comment from your previous post I forgot to write in English. Sorry. I told you that the diamond was beautiful Barbie as her dress. Very good ideas for the nails. Today's entry is dedicated to Grace Kelly of the most glamorous. I love all the versions is that the worst can be expensive. I have to start saving ... Keep in touch

  2. hi Marta,
    No problem in writing in Spanish :-)
    thanks for stopping by :-)
    Keep in touch!