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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1980 Black Barbie

I have a very much appreciation for dark skin people, nowadays we have a lot of beautiful and famous black people, just to mentioned: Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, ... I remember as a kid, listening to "big people" conversation, they would say: it's not common to see dark skin people on TV unless they accept to be the maid, the driver...I'm glad we had a big change on that since them. Now, on the Brazilian TV you can experience a mix of "colors" and races working side-by-side and doing a wonderful job.
But, long time ago, way before that happen in the knowing people universe, black Francie, the first black doll in Barbie's world was introduced, in 1967 and then her friends Christie and Julia and eventually the first "Black Barbie" was introduced in 1980. So, Mattel was way advanced on that i guess...huh?

Some famous people from Brazilian TV:
 Tais Araujo
Thalma de freitas

Sheron menezes

And, first black Barbie:

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