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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vintage Wednesday - 1960 Yellow Skipper's Case

As a Barbie collector as far as I can remember I was never interested on these Barbie's case. There are people who actually collect them as there are so many variation and colors. Today I'll show a yellow Skipper doll case. This a good example as I don't think they hold very well, unless the person who owns one is very, very careful person, as a vintage item I would be very surprise to find one of these in a good condition. I say that because my husband got one of these, except it was not Barbie's, but a Teenage Ninja the Turtle case, the material is pretty much the same. It's made of some kind of "cheap" plastic and cardboard, it's so fragile that you think it will break when you hold it.

It is a nice vintage item when you like and have the space to store. Personally, I don't think I would get one.

 Anyways, happy Wednesday to all!



  1. I didn't know this skipper case, just the Barbie one, and it is very cute! I'm afraid I don't even have a Skipper yet!

  2. i don't have one either...I remember been a kid and dreaming of have one :-)Nice memories...