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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Coming Soon - Tribal Beauty Barbie Doll - Direct Exclusive

Seems like this year of 2013, we'll have nothing but Glamour. To open the Global Glamour Collection, this doll is the first of more to come - Can't wait to see the other ones, didn't you see so many (very nice) details and colors?

The first doll in the Global Glamour Collection shows her exotic side wearing an intricate ensemble featuring a feathered midriff top, golden breastplate adornment, waist-attached bead fringe, earrings, bangles, long split skirt and elaborate headpiece. Her zebra scepter pays tribute to the royal splendor of Africa and her status as a reigning queen of fashion. -
Linda Kyaw did such a great job on this gold label beauty. I have friends from Africa and the little I know about this culture I can see a lot of it on this doll, she's is so rich in color and details than I have no words to describe the amount of richness put in one doll. Very nice!!

Release date is February 14th, 2013


  1. Hello from Spain, this doll is very exótico. She has actual details. Keep in touch

  2. Wow, wow, wow, wow!!!! She is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing, I LOVE her, though as always she will be too expensive for my economy...

    1. I know Rossetti, doesn't fit on my pocket either...i wish i can get her...

  3. What an amazing creation. I'm a serial deboxer so won't be getting her - she'd be ruined in my 'player' hands. But I surely did love seeing her and poured over your photos.

    1. Right, If I ever get her I won't be opening it.
      thanks for stopping by!