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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pictures after the storm from last week

Last week I couldn't post because I was at my father in law house. We had a winter storm here, then we had no power for 4 days, so we had no hit and no hot water. Anyways we survived and I took some pictures in the way to my father's house, in the next day of course.

After a storm night, a sunny day!

 A guy with a dog at his shoulder, funny...

This tree is in front of my father's in law house, it's very pretty, even with no leaves.

  Hope you all are doing great this week!


  1. I have never seen more snow in my life!!! Where my husband lives it snows, but not so much! The pictures are amazing, thanks for sharing so much beauty!

    1. Hi Rossetti,
      They even said we haven't had so much snow in this area for over 10 years!!!we did have a lot, it was beautiful but crazy.
      Thanks for stopping by!