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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Coming Soon - Luncheon Ensemble Barbie Doll

This year, Robert expands upon the “Atelier” theme for the BFMC, starting with Luncheon Ensemble Barbie Doll. She’s a lady about town, savoring the first breaths of Spring and opening herself to a fresh blush of color. Going out for an afternoon bite with her friends, she chooses an elegant taffeta ensemble with a classic shape, and a pink floral print. The fitted knee-length dress and puffed-sleeve swing coat are beautifully accessorized with pointed pumps and gloves. Bows at the shoulders and a rosette embellishment on the lovely turban complete the chic couture creation.

This is the first silkstone doll, from a total of six, from the Barbie Fashion Model Collection in 2013 (two of them are exclusive for the fan club members)

As mentioned before, she's a Robert Best creation. I can't denied her face is stunning and everything macht perfectly the glamour on the doll. The only detail I didn't like was the way the sleeves is, this big "balloon" thing, just seems a little weird to me, and the position of the rose on the hat, I think if it was on the side, it would look more feminine, just my opinion...

Release date on Valentine's day - 02.14.2013. It would be a great gift...and she's a gold label

Hope everyone are having a great week!


  1. She's a beauty, but I agree with you, that rose would look better in the side of the hat, I think..