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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vintage Wednesday - 1965 Campus Sweetheart Barbie Doll

Barbie World is so big that I still get surprised when i found somethings here and there about "the reproductions". When this doll came out on 2008, my love for Barbie wasn't that big as now (even now i can't keep up with it...we all have other day-to-day survivor activities, so i guess it's almost impossible you be here 24/7, unless you work with it, luck you!), so i saw this doll back then and felt in love with it, to get matters worse, she was a reproduction, the "original " is always more "desirable", well, while i can't put my hands on the original one, I do have the reproduction, lets' take a look on the very first one.

 Reproduction - 2008 

1965 Campus Sweetheart Barbie Doll - pictures from:

As "fashion doll guide" mentioned this doll is very hard to find, proof of it? i couldn't even find a picture online, as i don't have the doll, so yes, it's hard to find - The doll was created in two versions - brunet and Blondie.

The dress really reminds me of the dresses used on the 60's (not that i have lived back them, thanks God for books, movies and Internet :-).
Look this 60's prom dresses: -, not a big fan, but looks great on Barbie, what do you think?

Take care all :-)



  1. I saw the blond one on eBay as been a platinum one, does someone know if this is accurate?

  2. Hello from Spain: Campus Sweetheart Barbie Doll wears a wonderful dress. I understand that the original is very hard to find and cost much money. I love the clothes from the 60. In Spain I'm watching the series about the world of advertising in those years: 'Mad Men'. The clothes are kind of this Barbie. I can not tell you about the blond one on eBay. I am sorry. Keep in touch.

  3. Hi Marta, yes, I'll have to do a little more search on the blonde one, anyways, thanks for stopping by :-)
    Keep in touch.