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Friday, April 6, 2012

Barbie Dollhouse Dream Townhouse Playset - New Color

I haven't even got the old be honest i didn't like the new color that much. I prefer something soft. This one suppose to be ultimate luxury home, and newly renovated, it's like the old one got painted and that was it. Three  stories including an elevator, lights and sounds. The furniture is included, nice! I still...prefer the old one...

The first floor features a dining area, fully stocked kitchen and elegant, light-up chandelier. The second floor has a living room with a TV and roaring fireplace, plus a signature-style bathroom. On the third floor is a posh bedroom suite with canopy bed and an outdoor balcony with a hot tub and tiki lights that really light up! Sounds include a doorbell, kitchen timer, crackling fireplace, running shower water and flushing toilet.

See? same thing...


  1. Hello from Spain: you're right. This house is identical to the old but stronger in another color. In December I bought on Amazon the house but all in pink. It's beautiful. The best thing is that it is very high and very large. It has light and sound fireplace. Is such that you see in the pictures but the rooms are not very large. I was 2 years trying to buy it because Spain did not sell. Finally got the house. Keep in touch.

  2. Wow Marta, good for you!
    I wonder if you could get big items shipped overseas. Did you get hit with any fees?

  3. Ok you your enabling me! I didn't get the first house because it was all pink but I do like this one. I always think about selling it later so it always hard for me to change the look with "painting". I always try to keep my structures as original as possible. I love how Marta works with it and like she says it is big and I have such limited space.