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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No Barbie Easter on 2012????

As I mentioned before I went to the stores Monday...Big disappointment on the Easter Barbies, I don't know if it was gone or it was no such thing this years, i even asked 2 employees at "Target", 'cause they always carry their exclusives and they said they didn't see it this year.

The closest "Easter Barbie" "look" I found was the one below, she looks like an Easter Barbie, but she's actually from "the fairy tale" collection as you can also see on the picture below and, the box shows no signs of Easter "says" anywhere, so...i don't know. I even got confused on one the last week's post about this. Ada, a collector as well, mentioned it to me about this "error". They are all over the Internet as the 2012 Easter Barbie, but I guess it's not. I'm not too sure :-(

BTW, this guy was there too, he's awful...


  1. Oh she's cute!!! I must look for her.

  2. The only Easter Barbie this year was the Chelsea dolls from Target. I saw this doll at Target too and thought she could be an Easter Barbie but you are right she is from the Fairy Tale set.

    1. I know, i didn't get, she's cute, but I decided to hold off.Thanks for stopping by

    2. I got check on the Chelsea one, but well at this time, they must be gone :-(, thanks for letting me know

  3. Hello from Spain: I think I told you never to Spain stores on Easter Barbie . So I was surprised to see other blogs in previous editions of Barbie Easter. Nor sold any Chelsea. A pity! I agree with you that Twilight is horrible boyfriend. Keep in touch.

  4. i thought it was funny, so i put his picture here :-)