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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!!

Easter in Brazil means a lot of chocolate, I really mean a lot, at the stores you see something like this:

It's like a chocolate roof. There we make " a chocolate egg", empty inside, where you can put sweet treats, toys and whatever you want... and, it comes in variety of sizes and types.

Of course the commercial side gets very big, just as everyone else for the holiday...sometimes people even forget the real meaning of it.

It's nice to enjoy this time with your family, but you got  remember that Jesus loves all of us so much that he gave his own life to save us and on this day, the Easter, he is here to celebrate with us his resurrection after the third day of his crucifixion. Do you want bigger prove of love than that? Just think about it...

Anyways, going back to the chocolates...A Barbie egg chocolate was also created ...

Hope all of you have a great Easter!!



  1. Easter for us is next week. We are orthodox and in my country the eggs look like this: They take real eggs and paint them.

  2. Hello from Spain: Happy Easter. In Spain it is a religious festival and also sell the famous chocolate eggs. I also bought the Barbie and the gift that came inside the egg was a bracelet. Keep in touch.