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Thursday, October 10, 2013

What is up with that???

So as I have mentioned on the post before I was browsing at stores last couples of days. I was actually looking for some outfits for the naked Barbie dolls I have, but I was disappointed with the outfits prices.

A set with 3 different outfits was more expensive than a very cute dressed doll!!!I don't get it!

So, why Am I going to buy three outfits before actually getting a doll? I didn't buy neither, but If I have to pick of course I would go with the doll. Just to mentioned, Barbie dolls outfit prices on eBay are way overpriced (90's outfits) as well, that was the reason I went to stores, maybe I would find something on clearance or something... I don't know what's happening!

BTW, some dolls are cheaper at Target.



  1. Las dolls estan a excelente precio, por acalas vi en mas de 20 dolares a 220 pesos. Ojala pronto haya descuentos en waltmart mexico. Un beso, hasta pronto.

  2. As far as I'm concerned, the Barbie fashions that are available to buy are all too pink, glittery, and expensive. I miss the days when we had an array of Fashion Avenues to chose from. After that, there were some great Fashion Fever dolls and fashions too. Now....they are junk. I suppose little girls like them, but I think Mattel is losing out on a lot of $$$ from adult collectors. I'm not nearly as excited as I once was to go down the Barbie aisles in the stores these days.

    1. Hi Chissy,
      You brought a good point up and I couldn't agree more with you, Mattel has been way over board with this pinkish and glittery stuff, Don't get me wrong, you may be able to find some things here and there, but yes, they are expensive! I haven't be able to buy anything in a long time as prices are just going up. I think the best way to go, is to shop online for the collector or old ones when Barbie was fun to have.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hey, Barbie mirrors society! The fashions out there aren't all that great for people either! Do you remember when things were made of real wool, mohair, camel hair or angora! You could find them in the cheaper stores too! Now everything is polyester and synthetic and it is marked "dry clean only"! Please! It is time to get out the sewing machine!

  4. Barbie fashionista line clothes are just wayyyy over price for the glittery outfits. They don't even have the barbie tags on them anymore compared to fashion fever and fashion avenue! Hence now if I want a fashionista clothes item, I go to ebay. There is a Hong Kong seller on ebay that sells fashionista clothes.