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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vintage Wednesday - ROMAN HOLIDAY OUTFIT #968 1959

According to Fashion Doll Guide, this was one of the three outfits made for Barbie dolls back on 1959 (I didn't know that - One of the reasons I do the Vintage Wednesday as i can search and learn more about it). The original set contained:

1 - A dress
2 - A white Belt
3 - A striped coat
4 - A hat
5 - A necklace
6 - White gloves
7 - A Clutch Purse
8 - A hanky
9 - A pink Comb
10 - Black Shoes
11 - Glasses case
12 - Compact
13 - Black glasses - Not showed

It must be rare to find in a good condition as it's a over 50 years item, but you may be able to get the pieces separately on auctions, just be patience, some items are  tiny and easy to lose so they may be very hard to find. I was not able to find any complete set on eBay. Also, I saw an auction selling the set with a regular high heels black shoe, the original is an open toe, so it's nice when you know what you are selling/buying as I didn't see any indication in the auction saying it was not part of the set at all, just give a hands case you are looking for things like this.

Pictures are from eBay.

Hope you all are having a great week!



  1. Hello from Spain: I love this vintage outfit. The complement are fabulous. I love it. Today Barbie clothes is uglier and worse. Keep in touch

  2. Thanks girls for stopping by, keep in touch!