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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vintage Wednesday - Vintage 1959 Ponytail #1 Barbie Brunette

I think I had show this Barbie here in the past, not the same one, but the Barbie #3. Well, I decided to post it anyways as she's was in a really good condition  and went for US $6,499.99 on eBay, crazy to think that some people have money to buy an item as someone who buys a item at the grocery store...

As I mentioned she's in a really good shape! Just to show a good example of a well maintained vintage doll, without restoration.

 From the eBay post:

This gorgeous doll has Brunette hair in it's original top knot set. She is not missing any hair plugs. Her top knot is nice and tight. Her bottom knot has a broken rubber elastic so it is loose but it still has a very nice curl at the bottom. Never cut! She has tight curly bangs. Now for the face. Gorgeous arched eyebrows, No green ear, no neck splits, Her lip color is missing a bit of color. Please see the photos. She has original hoop earrings, original black and white bathing suits. She has her proper holes in her feet. One has the copper tubing, the other doesn't. She is wearing black mule high heels with holes in the bottom marked Japan. She comes with her white sunglasses with blue lenses, sealed in plastic. Her original #1 stand with the two metal pegs marked Barbie T.M. by Mattel is in excellent condition, it has just a few small scuff marks, no cracks or chips. Her nail color is on all ten fingers. Some fingers have a little fading to the polish color. She has color on 9 of 10 toes. One big toe is missin a bit of color. Her feet have staining from her mules. Her body is an ivory white, except for her discoloration on her torso from her swimsuit which is very typical of #1's. Her right foot is marked Japan on the bottom. Her swimsuit fits great. Her body is very clean no chew marks or pin pricks, just a some minor surface dirt.



  1. Hello from Spain: Congratulations on having this doll in your collection. She's still in good condition. You're right that some people pay big bucks for a doll. I think that I could not. keep in touch with blog blog

  2. Hi Marta,
    I actually don't have this doll. The pictures are from an auction on eBay.
    I decided to share just as an example of a well maintained vintage doll.
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Keep in touch.

  3. It's unbelievable the huge amount of money people think they can ask for a Barbie, even if it is a wonder like that...

    1. Yes Rossetti, I do agree with you, it's like buying a car, for that price...Crazy to say that the seller ask and there are people who pay for - not me...
      Thanks for stopping by!