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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Live Barbie???

Just sharing...

I'm a big YouTube fan and yes I have watched videos from this girl. Amazing how she looks like Barbie.
But...Wait everything has a limit...
Look this waist! something is not right...

So agree with him...

The living Barbie, if a sign of things to come, predicts a time when people flee from their real emotions and real capacity to change their lives and empathize with those of others. It predicts a time when what passes for “happiness” is being anesthetized, when living this “life” requires one’s psychological death, when “self-expression” requires mimicry of others, even of inanimate objects or fictional characters.

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  1. Hello from Spain: thank you for posting this information. I read the entire article and I agree with your approach and the editor. This girl must have a mental problem because as much as she likes Barbie is a real person. She has to have her own personality result of her experiences and may not want to live like a Barbie. Anyway she should go visit a psychiatrist. Also I am sure she is fully operated. She already is unreal ... Keep in touch.