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Saturday, October 15, 2011

( Christmas) Wish list - and birthday list

People always ask" What do you want for Christmas?", i feel a little awkward telling them what i really want, but at the same time would be actually nice if they knew... that way i won't end up with something in the bottom of my closet or anything going to the shed, sometimes can be very hard, so as we are just a couple months away from Christmas and from my birthday, i don't think would be too early to make my list - one of them- to send to Santa - The items are  are all available at

(BTW my birthday is on  December 10th)

Any  Barbie doll will be very welcome but just to list some of them (bellow) - gorgeous dolls BTW i couldn't pass mentioning...

Barbie Watch Set (just got this one!!!! - my hubby saw me looking at the website and got it for me :-)!!!

Barbie Wool Gloves

Barbie Laptop Case

Barbie Silk Scarf

Barbie Travel Mug


Barbie Sun Kissed Sunglasses (Style 1)

 Sweet Talk Goblets

Barbie Embossed Wallet

Barbie Sun Kissed Sunglasses (Style 2)

Barbie Newspaper Print Scarf

Bob Mackie® Countess Dracula Barbie® Doll

Byron Lars Fenella Layla Barbie® Doll

Grace Kelly The Bride Doll

Model No. 14 — Collection 002.5

Sinatra Barbie® Doll


 No doubt anything from here will make the (very) right gift - except for the watch -  i already got that...


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