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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Barbie of the Month - Target Halloween Fun Barbie & Kelly Set from 1996 - October 2011

I know it's almost the end of the month, i haven't keep up with the "tag" for a long time, so I'm doing today for October 2011.
I choose this gift set as was the first doll released as a Halloween theme, in 1996, and we have the little Kelly, one of the fun of Halloween is to go trick or treat with the kids, so we can't let the kids out of the fun.


  1. Hi, I write from Spain and I see that there's Halloween party is celebrated with great force. The Shelly pumpkin is ideal. Take this opportunity to tell you that Barbie and Ken of gone with the Wind is my favorite but I have not because they are very expensive. I have to wait some time for me with them. We will be in contact blog blog

  2. Hi Marta,
    Welcome back :-) "The gone with the Wind" doll is one of the gorgeous ones, despite that i love the movie... , she's from 2001, so it becomes more and more rare to find but you can still get it on ebay and websites likes and yes you right, they are pricey...