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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Barbie 3 Story Dream Townhouse

I don't know why i was always fascinated with Barbie accessories, even more that the Doll, i love to look at the little shoes, purses, clothes...and houses, furniture, cars...
Houses are my favorites, may be for the details...i can't explain, it's like a magic word - I know this may sound childish, but do you know what, doesn't cost anything to dream (well, for me, in this situation does... cause' i want a dream townhouse...)

Well, while i doesn't get one, i can watch it on YouTube and still dream :-)


  1. Hi, I write from Spain and I'm also a fan of the Barbie doll. I entered your blog and loved it. Dream townhouse house is wonderful. I love her too but not sold in Spain and I saw the prices they have in America. It is very expoensive but It is my dream. Today I have almost all the houses went on sale in Spain but are small. I just created a blog and if you can enter. The address is: I will continue entering your blog because I like it and you show many new accounts of our favorite doll. Regards

  2. Hi Marta,
    I know your "dilemma". I'm actually from Brazil and i had little or no access to Barbies when i lived there, as it was very pricey too, i have to say it's a lot easier now as i live in America - not to say i can buy all I want, still, can be expensive... I usually wait when i can get in clearance :-)
    I took a look in your blog too! keep going, I'm following it as well :-)
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Take care!