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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Barbie Shoe Obsession Doll

I, personally love shoes and would like to have enough $$$ and feet to use them all, sometimes you have so many, but can't use them all - Well, apparently Barbie can! A true fashionista is well equipped to match any outfit. She always has the perfect shoe for any dress style/occasion. Barbie can never have enough shoes! This whimsical dress celebrates that fashion heritage with 50 shoes sewn into its structure. A tulle overlay is gathered into pockets to hold classic Barbie mules in yellow, purple, black, and pink (of course!). The pale-gray dress is complemented by black fishnets and a cute pair of black ankle-boots for a fun and fanciful look. A necklace with matching shoe icons completes the outfit while making a statement about Barbie's love of shoes-- they are her favorite fashion accessory!

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