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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I found this online and I had to put in here...

Local Man Says He Created Barbie

Meridian, Idaho -- A local man says he created one of America's favorite dolls and never got credit for it.
"The original one had a ponytail and a black and white striped bathing suit," said Anthony Bulone.
And the toy bears a striking resemblance to Anthony Bulone's late wife, Lylis. In fact, he says that's where the inspiration for creating the legendary Barbie came from.
"You can see in those pictures she was very slim, very tiny, and I expounded on a few of those measurements -- but that was her, " said Bulone.
But for some reason, Bulone is not credited for his part in creating Barbie. He claims he sculpted the original doll for the then small company called Mattel back in 1957.
"They had the idea of making a doll for girls to dress up," he said.
After about a months worth of work, he says Barbie was formed. But the man officially on the patent is not him, it's the chief engineer of the project Jack Ryan.
"Never in a million years, and they never kept up with me how I was doing. They just hexed me out of the whole picture," he said.
But a quick walk around Bulone's Meridian home will reveal dozens of creations that look remarkably like the original Barbie, and many more.
But without the help of money and lawyers, it seems Bulone won't ever cash in on Barbie's massive fortune.
"There's gotta be something out there in their archives that shows who actually sculptured the Barbie," he said.
Bulone will be making an appearance tomorrow at Jordan's Hallmark Store in the mall if you'd like to meet him. He'll be signing Barbie hallmark ornaments from 4 to 7:30 p.m.


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