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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

P.J - Barbie's Friend

PJ Dolls were introduced by Mattel in 1969, when Barbie's best friend Midge got a makeover and "become" PJ. She had the same face and head mold as Midge, she had long Blondie pigtails, brown eyes and very long eye lashes.

Twist'n turn was released in 1979. She shares Barbie's clothers.

Free Moving PJ - 1974

Gold Medal Olympic PJ Gymnast - 1974

Deluxe Quick Curl PJ - 1976

Fashion Photo PJ - 1977

Sun Lovin' Malibu PJ - 1978

Sunsational Malibu PJ - 1981

Dream Date PJ - 1982

Sun Gold Malibu PJ - 1983

Sweet Roses PJ - 1983

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