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Sunday, November 29, 2009

James Bond Girls Barbie Dolls

Have you heard about 007 or the adventures of James Bond? Well I wasn't a big fan , but I can remember my brother and cousins fighting over to get the best sit in front of the TV when the show was on.

The very first Bond girl, Honey Ryder, was cool, confident and completely unforgettable. This Dr. No Barbie Doll pays tribute to a memorable scene from the film dressed in a white belted swimsuit with shell diver knife and sheath.

The Gold finger Barbie Doll features pilot Pussy Galore all geared up and ready to help 007 thwart Gold finger's evil plan wearing a fitted black suit with golden vest.

Brave, bold and beautiful, Jinx was pure luck for James Bond. The Die Another Day Barbie Doll wears an orange bikini inspired by the one Bond first spies her in as she exits the ocean.

And, Here they are!!!

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