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Sunday, November 8, 2009

2009 Halloween Barbie Doll

There are two 2009 Halloween Barbie Dolls. The Halloween Barbie treat version from Mattel an the Target Exclusive Halloween Barbie Doll.
The Halloween Treat Barbie comes with magic necklace, lace-up boots, hairbrush, and more. She’s wearing a pointy hat, stylish witch’s gown in glittery orange with purple sleeves, flared skirt, lace-up boots, and magical pendant necklace. Barbie also comes with a brush to style her festive highlighted hair.

The 2009 pink Halloween Barbie is offered by Target stores every year, and this year she makes quite a statement in her hot pink and black/silver outfit. She is dressed as a witch again, with a mermaid dress and pink streaks in her hair. The whole package looks gorgeous together.

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