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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Todd and Tutti - Barbie's Twin Brother and Sister

Well, I decided to talk about "Todd" before Stacie, because he came first, and also his history is a little more confusing. As previously mentioned, historically Todd came first; as Barbie's Brother, whom was released with a twin sister "Tutti", he was then re-released years later as Ken's brother, and then made another come back with a different twin sister called "Stacie"...
Todd's first introduction was in 1966. His first model appeared as Barbie's brother with a Twin sister called Tutti. They were supposed to be around 2-3 years old, their bodies were bendable and small as in the image of a child's. At this time Mattel also created a model as a brunette version sold in Europe between 1975 to 1980.

Later on, Todd made a come back to life. He was reintroduced in 1991 for the "Midge" line (Barbie's Friend) and made an appearance at "Alan's" wedding, as a ring bearer. At this time, he was supposed to be around 6-7 years old. He came in two versions, one with the "Kelly" doll, whom was the flower girl at the wedding, and the other in the "Wedding Party Midge" gift set which included six dolls total. Now, here's the real confusion... In 1991, Barbie Magazine, refered to Kelly as Barbie's little sister (eventually Kelly will become Barbie little sister, but not at this occasion) and to Todd as Ken's little brother, but Mattel never officially ratified that information... So... Who are they really related to at this occasion? Absolutely no one! Otherwise if this was the case, Tutti would have also attended the wedding!

Later on... between the years 1993 to 1995, Todd came back as Barbie's little brother, he was modeled just as the 1991 version, but also brought a "new" twin sister called Stacie. At this point "Tutti" is forgotten to Mattel and left out of the Barbie line.

So, in the end, Todd and Stacie are Barbie's twin little brother and sister (with Tutti being renamed Stacie.) In 2008 Mattel released Todd and Stacie in the Disney Mary Poppins "Barbie Collector Series."

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