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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Heart Family

The Heart Family were never real friends to Barbie but lived side by side with them. The family itself consisted of Mom and Dad, the twins (a girl and a boy) and a New Born baby.Mattel also made plenty of friends and relatives for the Heart Family, such as grandparents and cousins. The Heart Family was sold in both Caucasian (white-skinned) and African-American versions and the faces of Mom varied.Strangely enough, the Heart Family Dad doll does not have a name. He is known simply as Dad.The Heart Family replaced the Sunshine Family and the Happy Family doll lines, two earlier family doll series made by Mattel in the 1970s. After Mattel stopped producing the Heart Family in 1990, though, they brought back the Happy Family doll line, which is still being made today in the 21st century.

The Heart Family

Dad Heart (1985)
Mom Heart (1985)
Megan Heart (baby daughter, 1985)
Baby Boy Heart (Megan's twin brother, 1985)
New Arrival Heart (1986)
Grandma Heart (1987)
Grandpa Heart (1987)

Heart Family Cousins

Kenny (Heart Family Cousin, 1988)
Kevin (Heart Family Cousin, 1988)
Honey (Heart Family Cousin, 1988)
Janet (Heart Family Cousin, 1988)
Melody (Heart Family Cousin, 1988)
Nellie (Heart Family Cousin, 1988)

Heart Family Friends

Daria (Heart Family Neighborhood Kid, 1989)
Pleasance (Heart Family Neighborhood Kid, 1989)
Gillian (Heart Family Neighborhood Kid, 1989)
Darrin (Heart Family Neighborhood Kid, 1989)
Tawny (Heart Family Neighborhood Kid, 1989)
Windy (Heart Family Neighborhood Kid, 1989)

The Heart Family Commercial

The Heart Family Car

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