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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stacie - Barbie's Sister.

Well this post is just a "continuation" of the history of Todd, Tutti and Stacie. I had mentioned before a little about her and How Stacie was created on past post. In here I will just put on a few Mattel releases of Stacie Doll, Barbie's little sister.Stacie has long blond hair e blue eyes.

Stacie shares her clothes with Barbie! Stacie's Jacket, Floral Top e Skirt fit Barbie also. She wears a yellow top w/pink thread trim along bottom hem, a floral skirt with pink, yellow purple e green colors, a matching top, a pink Jacket with floral inserts on either front side (floral inserts match skirt e top), a black hat with matching floral fabric hatband, a matching floral Backpack, a pair of pink Capri Leggings with lace at leg bottoms, a pair of purple socks w/pink trim on the cuffs, black shoes with bows. A 1991 Mattel production.

Stacie is wearing an outfit for McDonald's. Red shoes, blue socks, red and white dotted knee length pants, red shirt with blue collar and red and white stripe sleeves. She is wearing a hat with front brim folded back and secured with a blue bow. Included is a tray with a McDonald's order of hamburger, fries, drink and Happy Meal carton. Also included is surprise jewelry inside a larger Happy Meal box. A 1993 Mattel release.

Stacie wears a light pink color long sleeve Top, a pair of dark pink w/yellow, light pink and orange floral pattern coverall Shorts and a pair of pink Sandal Shoes. Also she has a pink Bicycle with white Basket with a Puppy in it . Stacie doll comes with a pink Helmet and Hair Brush. A 1996 Mattel production.

Lilly, a former New York socialite, designed a comfortable sleeveless shift made of colorful printed cotton as a uniform. The dress was a hit and became Lilly's first Classic Shift. Delightful floral patterns in fabulous colors like pinks, lime, and yellow express the laid back influence of Palm Beach and Lilly Pulitzer's iconic style. Barbie doll and Stacie doll by Lilly Pulitzer pay tribute to Lilly's bright and colorful design. Barbie doll wears a long shift with the perfect, casual-but-chic accessories: sunglasses, "straw" handbag, scarf, and golden hoop earrings. Stacie doll is adorable in a short shift and kerchief. This set is from 1998.

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