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Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Today!!! Barbie 50th Aniversary

In exactly 50 years ago from today Barbie was presented at a toy fair in New York. Now, Barbie is an international celebrity, if she was a real person, I'm sure she would be the most known person in the planet!!! (Last weekend I went to a Borders to look for another Barbie collector's book and one of the sales people said: "Did you know that Barbie's Aniversary is in March?" Oh!!! I thought that was pretty cool, because I'm sure that person was not a Barbie collector, but she knew when Barbie's birthday was, well we all know how famous she is...) She would also certainly be the richest person too, with so many different houses, cars, outfits, and also the most beautiful person, with that waist line, at 50 years old!!! Only Barbie...
Now, at 50, she is still a model!! Take a look at the runway fashion show.

Remembering thru the years, since the first, that she was always such a fashionable "chick," always her, no matter where or when she has been presenting the perfect outfit!!

Isn't she Fabulous!?!

Yes! She has changed thru the years... But, she looks younger and younger!!!

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