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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vintage Wednesday - OOAK(One of a Kind)

I like to see how some people can sew (handmade) little pieces of clothes and how "real" they look, I think it's because I can't do it, despite the fact that I used to make my own Barbie's clothes when I was a kid, well I tried, didn't mean they looked right...I wonder how I never made in the fashion industry!LOL. Anyways, I got some actions on Ebay of some "vintage outfits" made by good tailors. so, of course, people are bidding!

These are from 2010rocksbarbie seller: As stated in the auction, dolls are not included just the outfit, great for those who love dioramas.

The next ones are from mesissy auctions:

Of course, there are a lot more on Ebay. These were the ones I would bid for sure...
And, also I just want to make clear. I don't know these sellers and I'm not doing any type  of advertisement here, I'm just sharing my "finds".
Have a great Wednesday you all!


  1. Love those fashions for Barbie and Francie that you found on Ebay. They look very well made not to mention they are really pretty. Thanks for sharing them with us.


    1. Hi Chrissy, they looked as they were factory made (i thought they were!!!till I read the auction)
      thanks for stopping by :-)Keep in touch!