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Friday, September 27, 2013

Makeup by Friday - Re doing it!

As I have mentioning in the past, I'm still learning (and I'll always be) and trying to improve my work on makeup. Based on this affirmation I decided, I think I mentioned this as well than I was redoing the last makeup by Friday one as I didn't like the result in the first place. Well, here is the "new" one... Sorry it's not very much like Barbie's, it's just a inspiration... Here, she's again...

And, me...

You may think there's no difference from last week, well, there's! I think I have done a much better job!Keeping the practice up!

Thanks for stopping by!! And have a great weekend!


  1. Hello from Spain: great job. I like the lighter shade of eye makeup. Keep in touch

  2. Hola, me gusta el tono rosa que has agregado, muy bonito. Hasta pronto.

  3. I going to try this the next time I go out. I love the shades the put on the dolls and I love seeing you duplicate them!

  4. Great work on the doll, and that's a great photo as well. Thank you for the video tutorial. I always used to have trouble applying false eyelashes to myself, and I gave up. Maybe I'll try again one day!