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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just sharing a website

I know YouTube have grown so much that the control over copy rights have been more and more restricted ( I'm not saying it's OK to get someone's work and place down without their authorization), but I'm miss to watch my Brazilian soap opera :-( and since I don't have Globo International, the channel to watch it, I couldn't anymore because people were not allowed to post it on YouTube.

Well, I have found some other video website, where I have been watching not only my soup opera, but a lot of other showns online, more important, for free! even Barbie movies, reason why I'm sharing the website here, since I don't buy the DVDs, but I like to watch it :-)

The website is

Sometimes, videos are removed, but for now is what it is.

Hope the rest of the week is going fine for everyone :-)


  1. Hello from Spain: Thanks for reporting the page. I'm glad that you can still see your favorite series. Keep in touch

  2. Thanks for sharing. I also love watching the Barbie movies, though I don't buy them either.

    1. I know i hate have to spend the money on things you can get online.