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Friday, January 25, 2013

Bob Mackie Brazilian Banana Bonanza Barbie Doll

Crazy for the makeup...

The first time i saw this beauty I really liked at first, but looking at her details made me think about a couple of things...

 1 -  She reminders me of Carmen Miranda, a famous performer from the 40's and 50's -
She was, by some accounts, the highest-earning woman in the United States and noted for her signature fruit hat outfit she wore in the 1943 movie The Gang's All Here. (
Don't get me wrong, she was a very talented woman, but it's like the doll was almost made based on her character on the movie, I mean the doll looks very much like her.

2 - Also, I know it's very, very hot in Brazil (at north of Brazil is hot all year around and in the South, you get some cold weather), but I don't like the fact that Brazil is a country related to nudity(most of the time...) Sure, we have the carnival, but why not a Carnival(Carnaval) Barbie doll then?
There's a Brazilian doll from 1990 very much like with the same characteristics:

3 - "She’s a glamazon from the Amazon, a Latin bombshell as hot and steamy as Rio." - this is from the description. I still think this should be a "Carmen Miranda" Barbie...yes, she has a glam from Amazon, but it's too glam...Do you remember this doll? She was a truly Amazon Barbie(in fact, people who are not from north of Brazil, where Amazon is located, call the people from there of Indians, I'm from that area, BTW and I'm very proud of it!).

OK! I'm not talking bad about this Barbie doll, she is BEAUTIFUL and I want her so bad...I just think she is "too general" idea of what Brazil is, maybe if the name was different, it would had fit a lot better.

OK, whatever, I'm just trying to be difficult in here, i guess...

Hope you guys have a great weekend!


  1. Hello from Spain: I agree with you that the first Barbie looks like Carmen Miranda. She has some fabulous accessories. Keep in touch

  2. I do like the last doll the best! She looked so different from the other dolls that Mattel did.

    1. I know, I really like this doll too, she was created based in the Amazon forest. At least they did a good job on that one!

  3. Hello, I think you're right, she's a beauty but she is like an stereotype and that is a pity. And she truly looks like Carmen Miranda!

    1. i know Rossetti, it's a pity, but I'm sure thinks like that happens all the time...