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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Midge: Barbie's best friend

Midge Hadley was first released in 1963. She had a fuller, gentler face mold that was less sexually intimidating than Barbie, although her body proportions were the same as Barbie and they both stood at 11 1/2 inches (292 mm) tall. This allowed the two dolls to be able to share clothes and accessories. She had "straight legs" that could not bend at the knee. A rare Midge with teeth was sold the first year and is now sought after by collectors.

One year later in 1964 the dolls that were sold had slightly longer hair.

Early in 1965, Wigs Wardrobe Midge was sold, and consisted of a Midge head with short molded hair and three wigs.

In 1965 Midge with bendable legs was introduced. She had shorter "bobbed" hair, like the American Girl Barbie, with a blue headband. Her swimming suit was different as well, and was now one-piece and striped.

She was know as Barbie's best friend until 1967, but only makes her next appearance in 1988 as California dream Midge.

The same mold, from the 1988 midge doll, was used to Coll time Midge doll.

She gets married to Allan in 1990.

Sea Holiday - Crosiere de Reve Midge doll from 1992.

In 1993 a reproduction Midge doll was released. A 30Th Anniversary version.

Barbie Hot Skating' MIDGE Doll - In-Line & Ice Skating (1994)

In 1997 a gift set was released as a Toys R Us exclusive. It was issued in honor of Midge's 35Th Anniversary.

1998 Barbie Doll Florida Vacation Midge.

In 2002 Midge as a mom, part of the happy family.

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