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Monday, October 12, 2009

Blonde Ambition Collection

This Collection was released as a celebrating for the 50Th anniversary of Barbie doll, they may design more, so far Mattel released:
Barbie doll as Marilyn Monroe.The doll is the debut doll in the Blondie Ambition Collection, a series celebrating the Blondie's we all love and admire. The doll wears a flawless golden gown inspired by one created for her by American costume designer William Travilla. The results are sophisticated, stylish, and sexy — so very Marilyn Monroe!
Designed by Sharon Zuckerman.

Barbie Doll as the Blondie bombshell Goldie Hawn. She looks absolutely groovy in her signature outfit from her comedic days on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In! Honor one of the most iconic entertainers in American history with this 2ND in a series of dolls that features Barbie as Goldie Hawn.

Barbie Doll as Heidi Klum. From the fashion runway to her hit reality TV show "Project Runway" Heidi Klum is one of a kind and this fabulous Barbie doll is no less sensational! Designed by designer Robert Best Heidi Klum is featured in a pink and gold sequenced mini-skirt with long gold earrings and matching stiletto heels. Barbie Doll as Heide Klum is the third doll in the Barbie Blondie Ambition Series, a series that celebrates the Blondie's we love and admire.

Well, I hope they keeping going...There are a Loooooooooooooooootttttt Blondie's to go!!!

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