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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Barbie cell phone screen saver

I'm sure a lot people knows about this, I wouldn't be surprised... the kids from this days now knows everything about the latest technology. But, doesn't hurt to put it on here... if your cell phone has one of that SD memory cards, you can save any picture, as long is not too big, on your card and save it as a screen saver. Really cool! I actually, have right now this one. I just love it!

And, for the holidays I want this one: of course the 2009 Holiday Barbie. Isn't she gorgeous?

So, you'll need to have a cell phone with a SD memory card, a SD adapter, because the cell phones ones usually does not fit on the computer.

1-Go on google, search for the Barbie image

2-After saved, you can copy the image and paste on your SD card

3- And, you are already to enjoying your screen savers :-)

P.S: If you have the "Microsoft office picture manager"(to check if you have it, right click on the image you want to compress , you can compress your image if is too large. Just open your image on that program, go on open with and select the "Microsoft office picture manager" - open the image, on the top screen, you'll a see a picture tab, click on it and select "compress picture")

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