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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Barbie Relative?

The Barbie doll is far to be a success in the Middle East, there the sensation between girls is a doll called "Fulla". She looks just like hers Occidental relative Barbie, but she follows the muslin culture, even comes with her very own prayers mat to prove it! Also wearing a black "abaya" and a headscarf. In Syria, where Barbie was restricted and vanished from the toy market, Fulla comes in hand. Fulla was created by New Boy design studio, and is very popular in countries such Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Qatar appearing in Breakfast cereals, chewing gums and bicycles. She also, may be just like Barbie, but there are no plan to live the same life as the "famous American doll", there are no plan to release a boyfriend like Ken, but other two dolls come add the "Fulla line", one as a doctor and other as a teacher. Her extensive wardrobe has been modernised for the Egyptian market to include jeans and type of colourful headscarf worn by young women, but she never revels her legs or arms.

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