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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Barbie and the Superheroes.

Barbie had been almost everything, and of course she would not miss the super heroes: Let’s take a look:

Batgirl Barbie doll: She fight the crime with Batman in a stylish black suit with a brilliant yellow cape, gloves and a fiery red hair. Pink label.

Supergirl Barbie doll: Supergirl is a extender of the superman family. She’s Kal-El’s cousin, adopted by the Danvers family and a Smallville resident, just like Clarck
Kent. She has a long blond hair, a reed cape, blue vinyl skirt and yellow vinyl belt. Silver Label.

Lois Lane Barbie doll: She is the woman, who superman loves. Here, Barbie doll is the intrepid reporter for the Daily Planet and a long time admirer of Superman. Pink Label.

Elektra Barbie doll: Elektra from Marvel Comic’s Daredevil and Elektra was born to fight and trained to kill. Barbie brings a pair of three pronged daggers. Pink Label

Barbie as a Wonder Woman: She brings a message of peace for the world wearing a authentic reproduction of a Wonder woman custom. She looks invincible in a body suite withy the colors of the America flag, just the perfect hero! Collector edition.

Catwoman Barbie doll: Barbie doll as Catwoman is purrrr-fect in her purple catsuit topped with a striking cape! A black belt with silvery buckle and black boots are boldly utilitarian. Her sculpted hands feature cat claws. She wears black gloves and a black ribbon choker with silvery charm. Finally, a purple and black mask with cat ears marks her as the ultimate Feline Fatale! Collector Edition.

Black Canary Barbie doll: Barbie is the Gotham City bombshell, martial arts trained and crime fighting superhero. She is a black “suit”, gloves, boots and fishnet stockings. Black Label.

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