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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Barbie labels.

The label structure works as described below:
Pink Label - Keepsake dolls at quality retailers everywhere. Pink labels dolls are not limited in production numbers. Comes in a box with a clear acetate front trimmed in pink.
Silver Label - No more than 50,000 pieces created worldwide. You can find in select retailers. Comes in a reveal package, which features a closed box with a beautiful doll picture or other art work on the cover.
Gold Label - Distinct dolls featured at fine retailers with no more than 25,000 pieces created worldwide. Comes in a cake box type package, just as the silver label(complete with acetate layer to protect the doll and a style display packaging).
Platinum Label - Premium one of a kind dolls or dolls produced in editions of less than 1,000 worldwide.
Black Label - This will be reserved for rarely released editions of dolls, created uniquely for the adult collector. This label will not be tied to quantity produced but rather tied very special releases in the line.
As information, the numbers does not mean the quantity of how many will be made, but that’s a number they may go up to, per year in fabrication. The maker may fabricate less than 25000 a year, in gold label, for example, but no more than 25000.

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