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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Skipper 50th Anniversary Doll

I haven't been on Barbie for a long time and today when I was browsing around the website, I'm sure it's nothing new...This doll caught my eyes. I think it was a very good idea from Mattel, since Skipper's lovers can add this piece of cutie to their collection.
 The doll is a re-creation of the fashion outfit above. According to fashion doll guide this set is very rare to find, specially the whole set.

I like the "old dolls", some of you may know my preference for the 80's looks ones, but for me the "modern vintage look" on the new one was the best, i really like it!

She's a gold label, a 2014 vintage reproduction and it's sold out on - actual price was $39.95, but you can get on eBay, if you are lucky, for no less than $100 plus shipping and handling.

Ps: Pictures are from Barbie

I also found a picture, on eBay, where you can check the doll in the box

Really nice!!

Good Thursday Folks!


  1. I wanted her!!!! I hadn't been this excited over a Mattel release in a while but she sold out from Barbie Collector faster than you can say Skipper! Oh well, I guess she's not meant to be at the moment.

  2. Que preciosidad con lo que me gusta a mi todo lo vintage del mundo barbieee que suerte con esta adquisicion te invito a mi blog es variado http//