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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dolls Of The World Landmark Collection Pink Label - Big Ben

( The first thing you think when you say London is queen Elizabeth? yes, also, but as a visitor you cannot forget the Big Ben Clock Tower. It was built back in 1858 then starter to operate on September 7th, 1859. The name Big Ben comes after Benjamin Hall, the man who first ordered the bell. The Big Ben Clock tower is part of the Westminster Palace, where England Royall family used to live back in the days. With more than 1000 rooms and very long corridors with more than two miles, great for the athletics runners ones!!! If you are going there to visit, before you go: Well, with all this beauty to see, of course Barbie couldn't miss it, n celebration of the 30th anniversary of Dolls of the World, the Landmark Collection is bringing world-famous landmarks to life through Barbie fashion. Big Ben in the United Kingdom is one of the most visited landmarks in the world, and this collection translates the icon into a stunning gown.

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