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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Do tattoos belong on Barbie?

She comes with a set of tattoo stickers, which can be placed anywhere on her body. The set also has a tattoo gun that's similar to a water gun, so kids can stamp tattoos on their clothes and themselves.
Mattel has defended the new Totally Stylin Tatoo Barbie by saying they have no plans to discontinue the doll and that she gives girls a chance to express themselves and be creative. Today it’s a tatoo on Barbie, tomorrow she’ll be 17 and express her creativity with a tramp stamp and an eyebrow piercing.What do you think about it? I can´t denied, she´s fabulous, but you must look for what you want to teach your child before not only the Barbie doll, who already had so many faces and styles, but also any kind of toy.

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