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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Barbie Beauty

The Amazon forest is a very rich and beautiful region of the world, we have to agree than there is not, anywhere, a place like this. I actually, going a Little away from the title of the blog, I post a few pictures of places I have visited around here. The picture are in the city of Belem, the State of ParĂ¡.

Also, as I had mentioned before, right now I'm in Brazil, specifically in the Amazon region, and of course I must say something about the Amazon Barbie. Here, June is a kind of a party month , where there are a few saints parties, called "festas juninas"(juninas= in June, festas= parties), there are unique types of foods, dances and clothes, and I had to show how really beautiful the Amazon woman is, not only physically, but she's also, has a lot sympathy and a large and easy smile. This is a picture of a girl what the native people call "miss" of a dance group, just take a look in the beautiful design. So, the Amazon Barbie idea was not only the beautiful, but the perfect one.

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