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Monday, May 7, 2012

Celebrity Monday - Brunete Fraccaroli

Brunete Fraccaroli is known worldwide as “the color architect” for the use of brilliant color and glass in her noted work. To her, “glass, color and transparency mean life, movement and energy.” These elements are always present in her designs. -

Today I want to talk about a Brazilian celebrity whom has had a Barbie designed by Mattel for the Barbie Collector line.  Within the "I want to be" line, there is an architect Barbie, but in his particular design she has been made exclusively for her, meaning that this doll won't be sold at stores, (Mattel does have an architect Barbie doll, but it's not this one!), look below: 

Brunete Fraccaroli is one of the most know architects in Brazil, she loves colors and forms, below is some of her work:

For more:

So... With so many talented people and famous architects in the world, why her anyways?  Quite simply, she is a Barbie Collector like us!!  (Not to mention her international fame)...  She started collecting in 1992, as her last update she has collected over 400 barbie dolls, she even dressed like Barbie for events:

Here's the doll:

One to desire...

Have a great Week!!


  1. Wow! never saw this doll before. Can I quote you on my blog?

    1. Hi Ada,
      Sure you can, no problem :-)
      Thanks for stopping by...

  2. Pity they didn't bring back the Kate Jackson doll face; that might have given the doll a better likeness. The doll is a pretty Barbie, but it doesn't look at all like the woman. Shrug. Guess the honor alone will have to do.

    Thanks for sharing though!

    1. Hi D7ana
      I agree with physical likes for this doll except the clothes, but...still I'm sure it was a honor for her as you mentioned.
      Thanks for stopping by :-)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. BTW, the articles i have found on this doll are dated for this year, 2012, so i guess it's a pretty new doll.

  5. Hello from Spain: the Barbie inspired by the famous architect is precious. I love that she wears the same clothes they put the Barbies. She has a very extensiveand beautiful collection. keep in touch.