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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Barbie Shoes???? or mine / our shoes?

As everyone already knows I always liked the Barbie doll (really? have you notice?), but I was always charmed by the styles, shoes and bags that come with the dollin my (real) life ...  I don't buy more of them because I only have two feet and two arms, and also i have no space at my house to storage so much "crap" ... I'll show some other day a few of mine shoes and bags here, but for now lets take a look some of Barbies?
Eu sempre gostei da boneca Barbie (sera q da pra perceber?), pois e , mas sempre me encantei mais ainda pelos sapatinhos e bolsas que acompanham a minha vida real so nao compro mais porque so tenho dois pes e dois bracos, fora q nao tem mais espaco pra nadika de nada na minha casa q ja ta ficando mais pequena do que ja e com tanto treco...mas bem outro dia monstro meus sapatos e bolsas aq, vamos da uma olhadinha nos da Barbie?

Every doll needs more shoes, and that includes Barbie. But she wants and only wears the latest Christian Louboutin! This Christian Louboutin Barbie Shoe Collection completes the doll series designed by the wizard of fabulous footwear. It offers 9 pairs of the most stunning Christian Louboutin shoes-- complete with shoe boxes and bags-- to build out your Barbie Dolls' closet. Buy these Christian Louboutin shoes… only for Barbie! 


So many shoes, so little time! Barbie has always been a fashionista, and with this vintage reproduction shoe pack, she has even more fancy footwear to flaunt! Includes 12 pairs of stylish, colorful, and oh-so-retro shoes based on some of Barbie doll's most popular shoe styles from the vintage era.

U can also have her on your feet!!!

In here Heidi Klum checks out a wall of Christian Louboutin pink Barbie shoes at Barbie's 50th birthday party at her Malibu Dreamhouse on Monday. The house was decorated by Jonathan Adler. -

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