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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ken Campaigns to Win Barbie Back - Part 1

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Today browsing on Barbie I got myself reading the campaign to bring Barbie and Ken together "again", well, we all know they are good friends, but they have been apart for a couple years now. Come on... I guess it's time to get over and be happy, I'm sure everyone would love to see this great couple together again, wouldn't you? specially now than he's turning 50 ( I just hope he doesn't act like in the toy story 3 movie, in that case, I' won't blame Barbie if she doesn't accept him back - LOL!!!)

and still looking good!
So let's go everyone support Ken!!!

Hoje navegando no Barbie eu me deparei com a campanha para a reconciliacao de Barbie e Ken, "novamente", bem, todos nós sabemos que eles são bons amigos, mas estao separados, ja faz um tempo. ! Eu acho que é hora de superar tudo, deixar o passado pra tras e ser feliz!!! tenho certeza que todos gostariam de ver este belo casal juntos novamente, não é mesmo? especialmente agora que ele esta a beira de completar 50 anos! e ainda lindo do jeito que e ( So espero q ele nao aja como no filme toy story 3, ai meu bem, nao culparia a Barbie em nao aceita-lo de volta, kkkkk)!
Então, vamos todos apoiar o Ken!

You don't know why they are no together?

For many loyal Barbie® Collector fans, Barbie® and Ken® are the power “It” couple—forever together. But for those of you who have followed their love story in the pop culture blogosphere, you know that this dynamic duo (still great friends) have actually been living apart for a few years now.

To refresh our memories, here’s a timeline of what’s happened so far…

In 1961, Ken burst onto the scene as a style-setter and the man of Barbie doll’s dreams. Always impeccably dressed, Ken became more than just Barbie’s boyfriend. He became her confidante, her rock, and, of course, the ultimate boyfriend for every occasion.

For 43 years, our fave couple enjoyed endless date nights, disco parties, weekends at the Malibu beach house, and drives down Pacific Coast Highway in the pink convertible.

This epic romance came to an end when Barbie broke Ken’s heart the day before Valentine’s Day in 2004. Citing personal differences, she broke up with her longtime love, and soon after dated Australian surfer (and super hottie) Blaine.

Needless to say, our hearts were collectively broken. Life without Barbie and Ken—unimaginable!

As time went on, Ken (and in turn we) learned to love the single life. He made some great guy friends, discovered new hobbies, and started working out. Time on his own helped heal his heart, and with each passing day, Ken began to adjust to life without Barbie.

During this time, Ken kept busy with many careers, starred in a movie (Toy Story 3) and embraced social media sharing details of life post-Barbie on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.

Lately, however, Ken’s been waxing poetic about his ex, wistfully recalling great dates (late nights at exclusive restaurants), good times (cruising along Mulholland Drive in the convertible) and many shared firsts (first sushi, first romantic ferris wheel ride and first walk on the beach).

With all of Ken’s newfound fame and attention, he hopes at least one pair of baby blues is watching him. An inspired romantic, Ken believes in true love…and that this epic love story is far from over.

Will Barbie® Take Ken® Back? ( Source:
Stay tuned!!!

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